Choice and Change

I’m sitting here with an immense sinus headache and an Icy-Hot on my shoulder because I pinched a nerve while stretching.

Talk about a wake-up call.

So I’ve been spending a bit of time trying to figure out what kind of exercise regime I wanted; something I can do at home, doesn’t require a lot of equipment and isn’t that far from where I live since I’m not driving yet. When I was here last, I went to an awesome Yoga studio and took an Ashtanga Yoga class which I couldn’t stop talking about. It’s more aerobic than the Hatha yoga I’ve taken in the past, and I preferred that since it would help me build my muscles faster, and allow me to focus on what I’m doing . I have a very active mind, constantly thinking, so anything slow paced is just another opporunity for me to think and daydream. Participating in faster paced activity won’t allow me to really daydream – or at least I hope so.

Taking care of my body is something I overlook constantly. It’s easy – I don’t have any chronic pains that constantly draw attention to my lifestyle, or make me painfully aware of how fragile my body really is. When I stopped doing yoga in my spare time, my body almost immediately started to shut down, reverting back to its original, flabby state. A few weeks ago, I ran down the street to catch my bus and when I got to the stop to realize it wasn’t even the right one, I was light-headed and about to vomit. I chalked it up to a lousy bowl of cereal posing as my breakfast, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that I hadn’t been exercising for months.

At the yoga studio I found, a 30 day pass costs $100, which is pretty decent if I make the effort to go frequently. And it excites me because I’m looking forward to having a schedule, for establishing a routine of things I enjoy doing. And consistency is another thing I need to work on since it’s easy for me to become distracted by other very unproductive things like sleeping all day, or rereading old manga chapters for Bleach.

Exercise is an active, constant choice to bring positive change to your life. And it’s important  to start those habits early instead of when my body is slowing falling to pieces from neglect. And I can’t wait to get started.

4 thoughts on “Choice and Change

  1. I haven’t taken yoga in a long time, and I always think I should go back. I’m not so good at balance… part of me would rather just run everyday (it’s so much less effort to just put shoes on and walk out the door on your own schedule! Well, less effort until you get to the running part anyway). At college I let drinking take over from running, so I know what it’s like to lose fitness. But however hard it is to get back, it’s so worth it.

    • Running seems like it requires so much dedication though. I’ve seen people running in the snow and when it was pouring down rain. To me, that seemed so insane! The idea of doing an outdoor activity in the cold doesn’t sit well with me. But I think it is really admirable to work-out no matter what the climate is.

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