How Labels Can Help You Find Direction

I want to be a nerd.

That seems like an odd thing to say; I want to be a nerd. People get really irritable when you mention the concept of labels and categorization, but in truthfulness, that’s how people relate to one another. Surfer guys hang out with other surfer guys because they have a common passion. Equestrians hang out with other equestrians because they’re likely to hang out in the same places. I’ve never had a label before, and I’ve always had a hard time making friends.

But now I want one; and I want to be a nerd. To me, nerds are representations of experts, people who are insanely knowledgable about their passion. When I went to the comic book store to find some new titles to read on my quest to become a Nerd, there was a customer who probably knew more than the guy who worked there. Instead of being irritable that this random dude was interrupting my conversation, I became entranced by how much information he possessed.

I decided, I want to be like him. I want to know things too!

Right now, I’m kind of a Jack of All Trades – which I don’t enjoy. I want to have a meaningful connection with my interests and be able to talk about them at great length. I want to contribute to conversations. Luckily, this is a huge perk with blogging because niches give out labels that help us connect with one another, and to know when we’re out of comfort zone (and to explore that too).

And there are some definite labels, some niches, I want to explore with my blog. To embrace my label of Nerd so that I can be as well versed as the dude in the comic book store.

  • Comic Books – I want to read more, particularly indepedent (ie: anything not DC/Marvel).
  • Video Games – I have a PSP that needs to be played more often. Even though I don’t have a console, hopefully I can get one!
  • Films – Even with a minor in film studies, I’ve forgotten quite a bit on how to look at and analyze film. I also want to watch more classics.

Knowing about film is more “cultured” than “nerdy” but the three are intimately interlinked as games and comics are frequently being made into movies.

So even though I don’t have a clear sense of direction yet, having the desire to be a (cultured) nerd who loves visual story telling can be a step in the right direction when looking at what kind of career I want.

4 thoughts on “How Labels Can Help You Find Direction

  1. Might I suggest a few comics for you? You may like the Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman. Or, if that’s too dreamy/existential for you, please try Bill Willingham’s Fables. I almost always recommend that to anybody who listens to me.

    Both series are published by Vertigo which has the market on the supernatural/fantasy genre.
    I might be a nerd.

    • I’ve read the Sandman series actually! It’s really great, I love it. Though I’m not fond of Neil Gaiman’s literary accomplishments. I don’t find him to be the best writer. I’ve been recommended Fables before! I’ve glimpsed through it while I was at B&N some time ago. I might need to just sit down and see if I like it. I rather like Vertigo, they did Y: The Last Man, which is my favorite comic to date.

  2. Hmmm. I had a comment up here, I don’t know where it went. I’m sorry I’ll post this again.
    I mentioned that you might like The Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman or Fables by Bill Willingham. I also said Vertigo is a great publishing house if you want to avoid anything by DC/Marvel like the plague.

    And somehow, I misspelled my own name in the previous comment, but it doesn’t show up now or maybe it will in some magical way later on.

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