Who Do You Like? And Why?

Since my early teen years, I have felt a passionate connection to fictional characters. Reality disappointed me, leaving me frustrated with my life and a lack of people to admire or feel kindred spirits with. So for a long time I looked toward fiction (in all its forms) to give me someone who I could understand, who I felt was going through the same things I was. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much success with this and it wasn’t until my Senior year of high school that I discovered a character who would change me forever. Howard Roark, the famed character of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. I admired Roark for his independence, strong sense of life and an unwavering conviction to what he believed in. He embodied a strength few other fictional characters possessed and I loved him.

          Then, during my Junior year in college, while I was in Paris I saw The Watchmen. When I had first seen the trailers, I had felt strongly connected to Rorschach, an equally uncompromising character similar to Roark. Rorschach, so strong in his beliefs, died because he refused to live a lie. Tingles ran through my body as I watched this man never give up despite the fact that he stood alone in his quest for justice, while as others condemned him. I loved him, because he knew himself so well that he couldn’t be anyone else.         

                What has my attraction to this characters taught me? Not much, per se, but it’s made me aware of what I like in a person, and I try to achieve that for myself because I personally believe, quite ardently, that we can choose the type of people we’re attracted to. Attraction isn’t some haphazard event that seems to blindside us – we bring into our lives the very people who reflect our sense of self. If I find myself to be unworthy, I’m probably more likely to attract someone who is going to re-enforce that mindset. Like attracting like is an insanely popular idea, and I am curious if other people have similar experiences.

            Do you find yourself attracted to people who reflect yourself? Your ideas, opinions, and sense of life? Sometimes these things will change, and eventually your relationships will fall apart because of it. But I am deeply curious; what sort of person are you most attracted to? Not just physical qualities (both Roark and Rorschach have red hair – which I LOVE) but the internal qualities that make them who they are. Have you met this person? Or are you waiting (so to speak) for them to arrive? Or do you have no idea what this person would be like?

3 thoughts on “Who Do You Like? And Why?

  1. Generally I’m drawn to uber-vibrant personalities, but also ones that are more introverted, because there’s this aprt of me that wants to peel away the layers and see what’s happening underneath..

    • How do you mean by vibrant? Do you mean a really quirky, outgoing sort of person? Like Amelie?

      Introverts are interesting, I think, because they don’t put everything that they are out there for the world to see. So I definitely agree it’s fun to get to know an introvert, because it takes a lot of time to cultivate a real relationship with them.

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