Exploring My Love of Photography

In college, a girl I knew had been gifted with a $2,000 dollar camera.

Envy coupled with physical nausea tightened my stomach as I imagined all the great images she’d take with it. Of course, an expensive camera would have significantly more specs, giving you more options to switch up the lens, use different apertures and so on.

So, in order to squelch some of the equipment envy, I popped over to Target to check out some of their stuff. As I played with the more expensive, but complicated, cameras – I realized how grateful I was to have a nice, beginner’s Nikon. Learning photography is just as much about skill as it is a creative art, and even just playing with the cameras, I felt overwhelmed with the heft and abundance of options. As I left Target, I felt a certain relief at my more compact Nikon.

Admittedly, I was shocked at how intensely and quickly I took to photography. While I haven’t devoured every piece of literature I could find (since I’m not entirely sure where to even begin looking!), I DO get rather excited about finding photography websites, magazines in B&N and discovering that other people are also interested in it! A huge part of me is eager to become more proficient, and have extensive portfolios with a wide variety of photos I’ve taken from all over.

Thinking back on it – my love for photography has always been there. The header I use on my blog is a photo I took while studying in Paris, and when I lived in Seattle, I asked my roommate for his opinions on the photos I took.

With photography, I get to explore a different aspect of being creative. I like the immediacy of it, how I can carry my camera with me wherever I go. And the potential of seeing something beautiful, and being able to carry it with me wherever I go, is always there.

Each time I look at my camera, I sigh longingly. Sometimes I just want to spend all day out, snapping photographs – particularly in the city – and play around with the images when I get home. I’m thankful that my camera is so small, so that I can do that. I’m grateful that my camera is for beginners so I can focus on my love for photography versus trying to master all the tiny doodads. Starting out both simple and small has been impressively freeing.



So what about you? Have you discovered any new hobbies that made you happy? Or didn’t even realize you loved until you actually started doing it?

Disclaimer: All these photos I took myself! If you want to re-use/reblog, please let me know! Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Exploring My Love of Photography

  1. Love your art! Photography is such a skill– and great equipment is nice, but an artistic eye makes all the difference because you’re seeing the framed shot in your mind (sometimes) before you snap the shutter. I always have my camera on me, or at LEAST my iPhone, and take photos of everything in my life. I look forward to seeing more of your shots!

    • Thank you!! 😀 Yes. Photography is definitely a learned skill. My friend taught me about the close-up on my camera, and it’s totally changed my perception of my camera and its abilities. A lot of the photos came out really clear and crisp – and the clear weather has been a great added bonus!! ❤

  2. The second photograph, the train platform photograph gives me LIFE. I like that you didn’t try to correct the white balance and left that underground feel to it from the fluorescent lighting. The first photograph I think would be just as interesting without the camera tilt since it has nice (bench) repetition along a diagonal which leads the eye down the sidewalk. The third photograph is cool and actually makes me think of a scene in the remake of the film Wall Street though this isn’t NY.

    You definitely have an eye. Though your knowledge is young still coming along, you don’t have the “eye” of a “beginner” at all….but you seem beyond that. I love your work. Stay inspired and keep having fun. Remember, as much as we love cameras, it’s ALL about the PHOTOGRAPHER and their vision that makes photographs. 🙂

    • Ah!! Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

      Oh, do you mean the photo isn’t in NY? Because I totally took that here since I live here!!!! ❤

      Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it!! Yes, I'm hoping to learn more about photography as I go. I definitely just started, so it's kind of overwhelming much of the time!! *squee*

    • Yes!! I’ve seen your photos!! I love when you post them! ❤

      Yeah, dSLR cameras are very pricey. If I had the finances, I'd probably have one as well! But some of them are also very bulky. What kind do you have? Do you have it troublesome to carry around? Or do you only bring it with you when you have the intention of taking photographs? I really loved the pictures you had of the jewelry! So shiny and pretty! Food photography is so interesting because it's so delicious looking. It makes me want to eat everything! But it's so deceptive, like in restaurants, when you order something and it totally doesn't match the picture :3

  3. I’ve always envied people that could do photography, painting – any of the visual arts really. My passion definitely is writing with reading tied with it for number one. If I don’t get time to read or write each day I notice a major difference in my moods. Being able to do something that you love even if it is for a few minutes each does make a huge difference.

    The photography you’ve shared is beautiful! You should start a tumblr just for your photography. Photo blogs do very well over there. =)

    • Yes! I always envied my friends who knew how to draw. It seemed like such a perfect and ideal hobby. Just whip out a sketch book and the sky’s the limit! An artist friend of mine drew all the time at work, because he loved it so (and he was often bored). I was sooo jealous of him. *nods* It’s definitely important to do what you love, because it’s definitely one of the best feelings ever. Or getting closer to Yourself. At least that’s how I perceive it, it’s such a Soul thing. 😀 Hah.

      I’ve thought about making a Tumblr in general!! It would be cool to make a photography one! Hm….

  4. I’m rediscovering my love for film photography. It is used to be a hobby of mine back in high school and college. I love having creative outlets outside of writing because they force me to take more risk and explore.

  5. I love your blog! Honestly, tired of pretentious bloggers who have ads everywhere. I found you through FF. Your pictures are real and that’s what is needed from a photographer’s eye. Like you, I started with a small compact camera and went from there. People thought for the longest time I had a DSLR but you don’t need the gear to prove you take good pictures. My friend and I are in a big personal project together. Take shots everyday and learn from there. Keep shooting!

  6. I’m pretty pleased to find this page. I want to to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you book-marked to see new information on your web site.

  7. After I initially commented I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment. There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that service? Cheers!

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