Day 4 || Opera

Flickr Credit to: Bahman Farzard

It’s probably a bad habit, but I spend a lot of time wishing my life were different. Not in terms of regrets, per se, because it’s impossible (and foolish) to regret what you couldn’t control or have predicted. But I do spend a great deal of time grieving over a plausible life situations that never came to pass (and never will): a life where I’m a musical prodigy, the kid who just had to be placed in gifted classes because of my great IQ or otherwise bursting with enormous talent.

Instead, I’m a pretty average person. Normal, even. But I guess that’s okay – there’s no pressure for me to be or do anything. No one thinks I’m wasting my “potential” – so I’m free to follow any path I choose. The perks of normalcy I suppose?

Anyway, in the past thirty minutes or so I’ve been listening to various songs. First from Disney who used an opera singer to voice Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, then I stumbled upon my favorite opera singer – Diana Damrau. She’s absolutely fantastic, and her performance in the Queen of the Night, is hands-down my favorite piece of music. One of my goals is to listen to more opera, learn more about contemporary opera [music]. This, of course, is alongside my goal to learn violin – since I love the way it sounds and would die to be able to play Mozart or Beethoven on one.

In this life, I wasn’t born a opera singer (or a genius, or a prodigy) but at least I can appreciate the people who were. Enjoy the video – it features Diana Damrau singing Queen of the Night Aria:

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