Hey! Welcome to my blog!! Thanks for checking out my “HIRE ME” page. Below are some of the services I offer that can help you with your own blog or business:

Creating [Online] Content

I’ve been blogging since March 2011 and have guest posted on over ten blogs since then. My blog consists mostly of my thought and observations, but I can write about anything from sexuality to social justice to cinema. Because of my blogging and creative writing experience, I’ve also become adept at both editing and proofreading content.
Internet Marketing 
I had an internship with Kaitlyn Aliano during the summer of 2012, where I worked with other internet marketers with content creation, monitoring twitter accounts as well as doing research and data collecting. I can do SEO for your blog (or business) and manage a your blog, Facebook and overall social media prescence.
Feel free to contact me at MsChristian88 at gmail dot com .

One thought on “HIRE ME!!

  1. Your post about being Ugly.. Thanks so much for being clear and concise on that matter. I agree with you, why does everyone put up such a fuss when we declare ourselves ugly. Sometimes we (ourselves) can accept it for ourselves but others seem to have a problem accepting it. As for why its important and stuff. Well besides power and the theory you describe… unfortunately its been my experience that it makes you feel bad to be ugly. I work as an engineer, and I’ve noticed that sometimes my coworkers or my boss won’t look at me if my make up came off or something, like they expect women to be pretty, no matter how hot it is in the lab, or what strenuous work you did. Otherwise they won’t really look at you or pay attention to what you have to say. Ideally this wouldn’t happen, but I’m just sharing my experience with you, and hence why I put effort into being presentable everyday.. Its not so much that i care about being pretty, because I have accepted that maybe my acne scars will never go away, but as you mention, I have so much more to contribute besides being eyecandy for other people.. However, I have found that ugliness gets in my way of getting attention and thus respect for my work (as I work in person). So hence this is the problem with being ugly. I’m just trying to give you a real-world (i know its sad) exampel.

    Sorry to rain on your idealism.

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