Guest Posts: Where I’ve Been Online

Here are a few places I’ve visited in the blogosphere! Check them out!


1. Susan Pogorzelski’s Blog (twitter: @20orsomething) – part of her two month guest post series 

“When The Mirror Looked At Me” – a post about self-image.

2. Harriet May’s ResumeMascara (twitter: @harrisuz) – a blog about resume, job hunting, you name it! 

Nonchalance isn’t good for the job hunt” – a post about how much I hate job hunting.

3. Life with Pho (twitter: dmbosstone) – a blog about the Quarter-Life Crisis

“My Life Started after College. Seriously.” – a post about my QLC experience

4. Brazen Careerist (twitter: Brazen Careerist ) – a website for Gen Y job seekers

Beyond the Resume: 8 Nontraditional Approaches to Hiring” – a post about companies creatively hiring people

5. Cordelia Calls it Quits (twitter: cordeliacallsit) – a lifestyle design blog

Reader QUIT: Twitter” – a post about renouncing my obsession with twitter

6. Black Atlas – (twitter: Black Atlas) – a website about black people who studied abroad in college

When I studied Abroad” – my time spent in Paris, France

7. Bitch Flicks – (twitter: Bitch Flicks) – a website dedicated to critically analyzing the portrayal of women in cinema

“Best Picture Nominee Review Series: Slumdog Millionaire” – my review of Slumdog Millionaire

“Motherhood in Film and Television: Mother” – my review of the Korean film Mother

8. Justice For All – (twitter: akhilak)a blog about social justice all around the world

“Social Justice Meets Reality” – a post about the disconnect between studying social justice and actually performing it

9. Julia Tarquinio – (twitter: juliatarq) – a blog about Julia’s insights and experiences teaching in Costa Rica for a year

“Are You Staying Passionate About Your Blog?” – my post about my trials and emotional frustrations over my blog

10. Toy With Me – (twitter: toywithme) – a blog with sex toy reviews and sexuality 

“Virgin Sexuality” – my post about what it means to have sexuality as a virgin

11. Diana Antholis – (twitter: DianaAntholis) – a blog about entering adulthood

“I Don’t Call Myself an Adult – I’m Just Me” – a post about me “growing up”

12. The World or Bust – (twitter: theworldorbusta blog about traveling 

“Should I Hire a Tour Guide?” – a post about my trip to Cairo, Egypt

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